Is it possible that the output of the From Multimedia File block be the input of the Entity Generator Block?

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I am trying to build a video streaming model using simevents. I need the video frames or segments to phyiscally located on entities and be transported to a video viewer. Is it possible to connect the From Multimedia File block to be connected to the Entity Generator block. Can entities be physical frames?
I tried connecting the block together but I got this error.
Invalid connection between message and signal ports. 'Output Port 1' of 'videostreaming/Entity Server' is not compatible with 'Input Port 1' of 'videostreaming/Video Viewer'.

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Abdolkarim Mohammadi
Abdolkarim Mohammadi on 9 Dec 2022
I am not familiar with video streaming at all, but I think you need to know that entities carry information via attributes. You can send the output of the multimedia block to a Simulink Function block, and read it from the Generate event action and assign the frame information to an attribute. In case your frame rate is higher than the package intergeneration time, you need to buffer frames with an appropriate technique, get the whole buffer when the entity is generated, and clean the buffer as soon as its information is read.


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