How to plot data from cells?

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I have data for four different conditions saved in a cell format. Someone please guide me how to plot the data? I have tried the plotSpread function but it is generating following errors:
Unrecognized function or variable 'repeatEntries'.
Error in plotSpread (line 192)
distributionIdx = repeatEntries((1:nData)',nn);
The data file iis attached. Many thanks !

Accepted Answer

Benjamin Kraus
Benjamin Kraus on 11 Nov 2022
When you say "plot the data", can you provide a little more information about kind of picture you are trying to create? What data do you want on the x-axis? What data on the y-axis? What does your data represent? "plot the data" is pretty generic, so more information would help others answer your question.
From your question it looks like you are trying to use the plotSpread function from the MATLAB File Exchange, but you are missing one of the functions that is included along with that File Exchange entry (the file called repeatEntries.m). If that is the problem you are having, make sure you downloaded all the files in the File Exchange entry and have them available on your MATLAB path.

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Voss on 11 Nov 2022
Here's one way:
data_oROI = 1×4 cell array
{43×1×1×31 double} {43×1×1×31 double} {43×1×1×31 double} {43×1×1×31 double}
for ii = 1:numel(data_oROI)


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