Smart way to handle out of folder pathing?

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Hello, thanks for reading this,
I have a question about executable compiling, specifically when it deals with programs that reference functions, etc in other folders.
In the source code, I have no problems with pathing. My problem comes when I compile the code into a standalone exe, and suddenly references to function folders causes the exe to exhibit multiple errors.
What is a smart way to deal with pathing? When I run the standalone exe's on other computers, I can use the command line to output errors, and 99/100 problems that pop up have to do with pathing errors. What I've done in the meantime was remove all instances of pathing in my code, and brought every function, picture, etc into one folder. That made the exe work perfectly, but its a bit of a organizational nightmare.
Thanks for the advice!

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Radha Krishna Maddukuri
Radha Krishna Maddukuri on 25 Mar 2015
Hi Brian,
I understand that you are facing issues with managing the file paths in deployed applications.
I suggest you to go through the following blog post by Loren Shure on behalf of Peter Web:
This blog post discusses in detail about path management. I hope this helps.
Radha Krishna Maddukuri
Radha Krishna Maddukuri on 27 Mar 2015
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