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How to run a for loop one at a time with each button click?

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I have a for loop within a uicontrol-defined button. The for loop has to run 3 times, however it runs all the three loops together when the button is pushed once. How can I run the loop one at a time with every button click?
I have the chunk of code pasted here
if buttonA.Value==1
for i=1:3
set(messaget1g1,'String',sprintf('Collect $%d and pay a fine of $%d',...
datat1g1.Button_Pressed(i)='A'; %Data collection but need for loop
datat1g1.Earned(i)=gettrialone(r1(i)); %Data collection but need for loop
datat1g1.Fee(i)=paytrialone(r2(i)); %Data collection but need for loop

Answers (1)

Jim Riggs
Jim Riggs on 8 Nov 2022
At the end of your "for" loop, add a "while" loop that looks for the button value.
if i < 3 (you don't want it to pause the last time)
while ~button_status
(get button_status) % I don't know the exact commands for this
This will cause it to loop indefinitely until the button is pressed.
Make sure that the button status is reset inside the for loop.
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Keerthana Natarajan
Keerthana Natarajan on 9 Nov 2022
Maybe I interpreted your answer wrong but it is breaking the code (no error popping up but the code is not progressing).

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