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Distance measurement using image processing

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I have to calculate distance and velocity of a vehicle moving towards me by using image processing technique by comparing the images taken consequently by the camera which i have fitted in the robot. Is there any possibility to achieve the above requirement by using matlab.. please help me with suggestion..

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Christiaan on 23 Mar 2015
Dear Kumar,
Mathworks provides a toolbox (the Computer Vision System Toolbox) that lets you track the object. When you click on 'Camera Calibration' you can find information how the camara has to be calibrated such that distances can be calculated.
If for example it is given that the object moves towards the camera, the change in the size of the object (which can be calculated with MATLAB) is related to the frontal velocity of the object. If hereby the size of the object is known, the frontal speed could be calculated. (v=ds/dt, where ds can be expressed by the area change of the object)
Good luck! Christiaan
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Shivani Baldwa
Shivani Baldwa on 27 Nov 2019
Hello Christiaan,
Could you tell me how to measure distance of any two objects, measure the wall or anyother thing placed in the image i.e 3D measurement of images. Hope you can help me
Thanks in advance !!

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prem  kumar
prem kumar on 24 Mar 2015
thank you sir


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