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Excluding legend entries in plot

Asked by Jonathan on 16 Oct 2011
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I have a figure on which I'm first plotting a shaded error bar (see shadedErrorBar in File Exchange), and then plotting several points that fall within this shaded error bar (the error bar is calculated based on the points before the fact).
Unfortunately, because of the way shadedErrorBar is written, the upper, lower, middle and shaded parts of the shaded error bar all show up when I add a legend to the figure. I've looked through Legend in help, but I'm not seeing any way to tell the legend to ignore or exclude certain entries. Is this possible? I'm sure if I had a better understanding of the syntax of plotting I'd be able to figure this out another way... but for now I'm stumped.
Thanks, Jonathan
P.S. I have considered plotting the error bar after the other points, but then I have to set the error bar's transparency, which in shadedErrorBar causes the axes and various other parts of the image also to disappear (maybe I'm doing this wrong).


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Answer by Walter Roberson
on 16 Oct 2011
Edited by John Kelly on 26 Feb 2015
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The documentation indicates,
legend(h,'string1','string2',...) displays a legend on the plot containing the objects identified by the handles in the vector h and uses the specified strings to label the corresponding graphics object (line, barseries, etc.).
Thus one way of proceeding is to collect the handles of what you do want to be legend'd and legend() that.
You can also proceed by setting the IconDisplayStyle of the Annotation property of the items you do not want to appear in the legend. See here for information and examples.


Thanks Walter. The latter option solved my issue.
simple way, its there in the function reference too, but could not understand it from there, Thanks.

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Answer by Alberto Jr on 6 Jul 2015

Hello I am trying to plot my data in matlab using the shadederrorbar. Can you post your code here so I can reference it? Thank you!

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I was eventually able to solve based on the replies of a similar question: :
If you have just one line on the plot :
legend([h.mainLine], 'Vars1')
or for multiple lines on one plot:
figure; hold on,
legend([h(2).mainLine h(1).mainLine], 'Vars1', 'Vars2')
The same would be possible for the borders or the fill of the shaded area , using h.edge or h.patch respectively.

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