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How to add x and y variables to individual values after creating a heatmap.

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i want to add the names of values corresponding to the x values on the heat map. Where -0.5 is want ti put a label that says differentiation score, for -0.4 i want to add another name corresponding and so on for all the others. Please help! I know that you can change tthe title of the y and x axis but i dont know a way in which i can give those numbers i mentioned their corresponding name.

Accepted Answer

Jim Riggs
Jim Riggs on 28 Oct 2022
You can modify the axis properties after creating the plot:
ax = gca; % get the curent axis handle
ax.XTickLabel = {'Jan','Feb','Mar','Apr'} % specify labels for the x-axis tickmarks
Check out the documentation for axis properties here for more information.

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