MATLAB : dynamic variables not updated directly in the workspace

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I have a problem with some varaibles. I create variables dynamically in a loop.
for i=1:nbr
assignin('base', ['x_',num2str(i)],0)
And after, I would like to put the result of my function in these variables. But the variables in the base of the workspace are not updated directly so I have an error "Undefined function or variable". How can I fix my problem ?
for i=1:nbr
['x_',num2str(i))]= fonction(input);
Thank you in advance
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Sarah Guiffray
Sarah Guiffray on 18 Mar 2015
No I really want to call dynamic variable as output because I want to have a matrix for each variables. My function return a matrix with a lot of rows and columns ..
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Adam on 18 Mar 2015
You would still be better off putting those into a cell array. Accessing variables by individual names like that is quite a pain as you are finding out!

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Adam on 18 Mar 2015
Edited: Adam on 18 Mar 2015
Why don't you just create an array instead of a sea of variables?
['x_',num2str(i))]= fonction(input);
is not valid syntax for assigning to a variable. You would have to use eval probably to do that, but if you just create an array instead, e.g.
x = zeros( 1, nbr );
you can simply do
x(i) = fonction(input);
If your results are not scalars then you can use a cell array instead (or if all results are the same 2d/3d size you can still use a standard array with more subscripts for the indexing.

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