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Infeasibility error in cplex gams model

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panagiotis skrempos
panagiotis skrempos on 27 Oct 2022
Answered: Prateekshya on 26 Dec 2023
I am facing this kind of error "Row 'eq1(14)' infeasible, all entries at implied bounds" in a problem that a gams script gets data from matlab. I have seen some posts about conflict refiner for example iis, but I really can not understand the way it is going to work what am I passing as an argument and whether I write this command in the Gams or in the matlab and how exactly. The strange thing is that this model is running 365 times one for each day and the majority of the days the problem has proven solution and it works well. But in some cases I am getting this message I checked that my input data are read from gams correctly and also the model has a solution (even for those days that are stated as infeasible)
Thank you in advance for your time and your help.

Answers (1)

Prateekshya on 26 Dec 2023
Hi Panagiotis,
The error message "Row 'eq1(14)' infeasible, all entries at implied bounds" indicates that there is an infeasibility in your model for the specific equation "eq1" at index "14". This means that GAMS has determined that there is no solution that satisfies all the constraints for that particular row of the model.
Infeasibilities can occur for various reasons, such as contradictory constraints, incorrect data, or overly tight bounds on variables.
With the limited information that we have, I can suggest you the follwoing. Since you mention that the model runs successfully on most days but fails on some, it's likely that the input data for the failing days have some inconsistencies or values that lead to infeasibility. Double-check the data for those days, particularly any parameters that are involved in equation "eq1".
I hope this helps!


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