NIT SIT block missing in matlab

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Maham  Khalid
Maham Khalid on 18 Mar 2015
Answered: Christiaan on 18 Mar 2015
Hi, I cant find NIT SIT block in Matlab 2013b . Please suggest how to interface my vibration sensor with simulink model

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Christiaan on 18 Mar 2015
Dear Maham,
After installing MATLAB/Simulink there is no 'NIT SIT' block. However you can download this block from this NI website.
If you like to connect a sensor to your simulink model, you could also use a microcontroller (i.e. Arduino uno) and install software to connect the arduino to Simulink. At this Mathworks website, you can read how to do this.
For a complete overview which possibilities there are to connect hardware to MATLAB/Simulink, you can find here:
Kind regards, Christiaan van Ommeren

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