Convert bitdepth of png image

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berkaoui sara
berkaoui sara on 17 Mar 2015
Edited: Christiaan on 18 Mar 2015
How to convert the image with the following information: ColorType: truecolor Format: png bitDepth: 24
to a png grayscale image with bitdepth=8 in matlab ?

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Christiaan on 18 Mar 2015
Edited: Christiaan on 18 Mar 2015
Dear Sara,
You can use the function imfinfo to get i.e. the bit depth of the image. With the function rgb2gray you can convert your RGB image into a grey image.
An example how to perform a RGB (24 bitDepth) to a grayscale (8 bitDepth) is shown below:
clc;clear all;close all;
[RGB,map_RGB] = imread('bitdepth_24bpp_580.png');
RGB_info = imfinfo('bitdepth_24bpp_580.png');
RGB_BitDepth_original = RGB_info.BitDepth
Gray= rgb2gray(RGB);
grey_info = imfinfo('imagegrey.png');
Grey_BitDepth = grey_info.BitDepth
The image that I used can be found in the attachment.
Good Luck! Christiaan van Ommeren


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