Why do i get this error STD exception 'class std::runtime_error': 'Failed to load bundle #876: C:\Program Files\MATL​AB\R2022b\​bin\win64\​libmwgstre​amerbuilti​ns.dll' was caught.

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i was just trying this example as part of learning to use UAV Toolbox. But this eeor keeps poppoing up. Also i tried the MAtlab Online there this error is coming "MATLAB System block 'untitled/Simulation 3D Scene Configuration/Simulation 3D Engine' error occurred when invoking 'resetImpl' method of 'Simulation3DEngine'. The error was thrown from '
'/MATLAB/toolbox/shared/sim3d/sim3d/+sim3d/+engine/Engine.p' at line 0
'/MATLAB/toolbox/shared/sim3d/sim3d/+sim3d/World.p' at line 0
'/MATLAB/toolbox/shared/sim3dblks/sim3dblks/Simulation3DEngine.p' at line 0
'/MATLAB/toolbox/simulink/ui/studio/config/m/+SLStudio/StartPauseContinue.p' at line 0
'/MATLAB/toolbox/simulink/ui/studio/config/m/+SLStudio/ToolBars.p' at line 0'.
Caused by:
Co-simulation with Unreal Engine is not supported on this operating system.

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Jianxin Sun
Jianxin Sun on 25 Oct 2022
Hi Rahul,
For the libmwgstreamerbuiltins.dll error, you can reach out to MATLAB tech support for further help (https://www.mathworks.com/support/contact_us.html).
Simulation 3D Scene Configuration block is not supported in MATLAB online. The error you encountered in MATLAB online is expected. You can install MATLAB desktop version to use the block.


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