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Linking multiple GUI's when moving the Main GUI

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Lately, I've asked a lot of questions regarding GUI's in matlab. And on this way I want to thank the people who answered them. I googled this problem but I didn't found any clear solution.
So the issue is: I have 1 Main Gui (the vertical one with 3 menus) and 3 "sub gui's". If I want to move the Main GUI the other 3 should "follow" the Main one on the screen being in the exact same position having as reference the Main GUI. What code I should approach in order to fulfill this?


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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 15 Mar 2015
Ciuban - you can try adding a listener (see learn to use events and listeners) to capture the movement of the main GUI so that when its position changes, the other three GUIs position changes as well. For example, suppose that we have two GUIs, the main one and a smaller one that is situated to the right of the main one. The main GUI (named/tagged as Gui1) launches the second GUI (named/tagged Gui2). Within the OpeningFcn of the first we do
function Gui1_OpeningFcn(hObject, eventdata, handles, varargin)
% Choose default command line output for Gui1
handles.output = hObject;
% place Gui1 in centre of screen
% launch Gui2 and move to right of Gui1
handles.hGui2 = Gui2('Visible','off');
gui1Pos = get(hObject,'Position');
gui2Pos = get(handles.hGui2,'Position');
gui2Pos = [gui1Pos(1)+gui1Pos(3)+5 gui1Pos(2) gui2Pos(3) gui2Pos(4)];
% save the current GUI positions
handles.gui1Pos = gui1Pos;
handles.gui2Pos = gui2Pos;
% add a listener to respond to position changes of Gui1
handles.gui1PosListener = ...
addlistener(hObject, 'Position', 'PostSet', @(src,event)onGui1PosChange(src,event,hObject));
% Update handles structure
guidata(hObject, handles);
In the above, we centre the main GUI and then move the other GUI to the right of the first one. The listener is created to respond to changes in position of the main GUI. We define the callback for this listener as
function onGui1PosChange(~,~,hGui)
% get the handles for Gui1
handles = guidata(hGui);
% determine the change in position for Gui1
newGui1Pos = get(hGui,'Position');
gui1PosDelta = handles.gui1Pos - newGui1Pos;
gui1PosDelta(3:4) = 0; % don't want any change to width and height
% determine the new position for Gui2
newGui2Pos = handles.gui2Pos - gui1PosDelta;
% save the new positions
handles.gui1Pos = newGui1Pos;
handles.gui2Pos = newGui2Pos;
Here, we determine the change in position of the first GUI (with respect to its x and y position) and then apply that change to the second GUI.
The attached code uses the above to keep the two GUIs positioned together. From the Command Line, just type
to test this out. Note that the second GUI only moves after the first GUIs position has been finalized (i.e. after you release the mouse button). Try it out and see what happens!

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