Setting the name of the Matlab Command Window

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for an automatisation process I start Matlab(Simulink) from the commandline, and for this purpose with the setting "-nodesktop"
I will get a Command window, which looks something like this
screenshot  of a Matlab Command Windows
Is it possible to add something to the window title, to make it easier to find the proper window if several are started in parallel
Something like the filename, currenworking dir or even a "generic" text would be nice.
Via commandline, or via m-code

Accepted Answer

Benjamin Kraus
Benjamin Kraus on 21 Oct 2022
Edited: Benjamin Kraus on 21 Oct 2022
No, there is no way to modify the title of the MATLAB command window.
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Norbert Thek
Norbert Thek on 24 Oct 2022
Not what I hoped for, but at least I have the information now.

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