Passing objects from app designer to the workspace

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Hello , I'm using app designer and I am creating object when some button clicked, (in the callback function) i'm trying to use the object that created in the callback funcion in the workspace. I know that i can create some "global" object in the properties and then use app.obj. There is other way that i can pass the object from the callbackfunction to the workspace? or the only way is to use the properties.
Thank you very much :)

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Allen on 19 Oct 2022
Though I would recommend using one of @Adam Danz's solutions since they are typically a safer method of passing data, assignin can be used to programmatically assign a variable to the workspace.
See the following help page for details on how to use the assignin function.
Ron on 26 Oct 2022
I am using appDesigner,
Function RunButtonPushed(app,event) //NOTE : this is on gray cant add a return value
obj=importdata(somepath) //NOTE : The path is matlab data that have run method // NOTE : after the run , nothing happens because the variable
end obj is uknown in the workspace i guess beacuse in the
end of this function there is END

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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 18 Oct 2022
The best way to access the object created by an app is to store the handle to the object as a public property of the app and to access that handle through the app object, stored as a variable in your workspace.
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