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Reed Solomon Decoder simulink design

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rohan raj
rohan raj on 10 Mar 2015
Answered: Christiaan on 11 Mar 2015
I am currently working or designing a Reed Solomon Decoder using Simulink , I have a few doubts in the design , can anyone please provide any links to the decoder Design or any examples?

Answers (1)

Christiaan on 11 Mar 2015
Dear Rohan,
In the Mathworks documentation you find information about Reed-Solomon decoder. How the decoder specifically works can be found here . At the bottom of the page (of the first link), an example is shown how this Block can be implemented in Simulink.
A paper where this block is used can be found here (Author Okeke and Iroegbu). Another example can be found at this website .
Good luck! Christiaan


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