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Tadiwa on 11 Oct 2022
Commented: Tadiwa on 14 Oct 2022
Hi, I am trying to come up with a simultaneous equation solver that will ask a user for the number of simultanous equations to be solved and the number of coefficients in the simultaneous equations after which a for loop will be used to enter the number of coeffiecients for the number of equations.
Attached is the matlab code
% function for coefficient entry
function s = myfunc_Q2a(x)
for i=1:x
s(i)=str2double(inputdlg('Enter coefficients: '));
% script that calls on the above function
g=msgbox('Equation is in the form: x1*a1 + x2*a2 + an*xn= b ');
n=str2double(inputdlg('Enter the number of simultaneous equations to be solved: '));
x=str2double(inputdlg('Enter the number of coefficients in the equation: '));
for j=1:n
I am receiving an error that states left and right hand side have different number of elements, however when I choose
n=2 and x=1 I dont receive an error.
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Ghazwan on 11 Oct 2022
is it maybe x=1 is the only integer you are entering?
You have a counter i=1:x. x has to be an integer.

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Accepted Answer

Gowthami on 14 Oct 2022
Hi Tadiwa,
Here at
You are assigning the 'x'(number of coefficients) length elements array to 'z(j)' which is 1 element of a vector. Because of this you are encountering the error 'Unable to perform assignment because the left and right sides have a different number of elements.'
For example, if n = 2 and x = 3, The left side of this line of code refers to 1 element of z. The right side refers to a 3-element array.
As you mentioned you didn't receive any error when n = 2 and x = 1, because the left side of this line of code refers to 1 element of z and the right side refers to only 1 element. So, you are not encountering any error messages.
For resolve this issue, you may use a 2-D matrix. Please find the following code snippet for the same,
for j=1:n
You may create a 2-D matrix where each row contains one of these 'x' length arrays or you could create a cell array.
I hope it helps.
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Tadiwa on 14 Oct 2022
This worked perfectly, many thanks

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