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How to fix "Undefined function 'makeweight' for input arguments of type 'double'."

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I was trying to see the response of active suspension system tutorial by matlab.
ActNom = tf(1,[1/60 1]); Wunc = makeweight(0.40,15,3); unc = ultidyn('unc',[1 1],'SampleStateDim',5); Act = ActNom*(1 + Wunc*unc); Act.InputName = 'u'; Act.OutputName = 'fs';
bodeplot(Act,'b',Act.NominalValue,'r+',logspace(-1,3,120)) title('Nominal and 20 random actuator models')
I was geting this error below. Undefined function 'makeweight' for input arguments of type 'double'.
Error in Active (line 24) Wunc = makeweight(0.40,15,3);
Can someone help me regarding this??

Answers (1)

Christiaan on 10 Mar 2015
Dear Naginder,
If you type in the matlap prompt 'which makeweight', you can find out if matlab can find the function makeweight.
The function 'makeweight' is part of the Robust Control Toolbox of Matlab. An easy way to check which toolboxes you have, is to type in the matlab prompt: 'ver'.
If you have the Toolbox but cannot find the function, you can either use restoredefaultpath. A second method is to search in your hard drive for the function and restore this function at the correct path.
Good luck! Christiaan


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