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How do I use uiopen in a class method?

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Kurt on 4 Oct 2022
Moved: dpb on 5 Oct 2022
I am new to Matlab, and trying to build a GUI. In App Designer, I dragged a Menubar to the window and copied the class definition to my app. Now I need to make it open a file using uiopen, I assume. Here is the OpenMenu component:
app.OpenMenu = uimenu(app.FileMenu);
app.OpenMenu.txt = 'Open';
app.OpenFile = uiopen; <---- doesn't work
The error message reads: Error using uiopen: Too many output arguments
What is the proper syntax to use uiopen, and where do I put it?

Accepted Answer

Kurt on 5 Oct 2022
Moved: dpb on 5 Oct 2022
Solution found: I needed a callback function.

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