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Hi guys, may I ask how do I implement a transformation function on an image?
Maybe it's a function like this: T : , where x is any number and k is the grey scale level, used on a 256 level grey image.
function [Iout,m,mu2,mu3] = enh(Iin,a,b) %take in values of a and b
I = Iin;
for i = 1:254
I(I == i) = a*(i+b);
Iout = I;
Here is my recent attempt, where I tried to loop the matrix through (Iin) and writes in new values with each loop.
However the code did not work. All the values became 255 after passing through enh
May I know how do you do this?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 28 Sep 2022
If r is the input image, and k is your scalar number, you can create output image s simply by doing this:
s = k * r;
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Miles Hao Peng Su
Miles Hao Peng Su on 28 Sep 2022
Thanks! This is a much easier way to solve this quesition

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