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How to programmatically determine if a Simulink model represents an AUTOSAR software component or composition?

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In AUTOSAR, we have ARXMLs that can be either for a Software Component (SWC) or a grouping of SWCs called a composition. In both cases, after using the arxml.importer, the result is a Simulink model. Is it possible to know, by only inspecting the Simulink model, if it is a SWC or a Composition? What is the API for determining this?

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Noufal Thangal Rahim
Noufal Thangal Rahim on 25 May 2023
names = getComponentNames(ar,compKind)
uses the compKind argument to specify the type of software component to return. You can narrow the search to a specific type of atomic software component, such as 'Application' or 'SensorActuator', or specify a nonatomic component, such as 'Composition' or 'Parameter'.
compKind Component type
'Atomic' (default) | 'Application' | 'ComplexDeviceDriver' | 'Composition' | 'EcuAbstraction' | 'Parameter' | 'SensorActuator' | 'ServiceProxy'
in your case,
to get the list of Compositions:
ar = arxml.importer('xxxxx.arxml');
names = getComponentNames(ar,'Composition')


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