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The program doesn't launch after the update has been failed

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After downloading MATLAB 2021b, in the same day of the program's setup, there was an update notification. So, after clicked on it, the update wizard kept launching until it mentioned that, as I remember, that it can't be performed. Since then the program doen't want to launch. Tried the following solutions but non of them work:
  • Tried to uninstall the program from the Control Panel as well as from the uninstall.exe in C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2021b\uninstall\bin\win64 but showed the attached error message.
Any suggestions, please.
Thank you very much in advance

Answers (2)

BA on 20 Sep 2022
When you uninstall the program, there are still some remaining files on your computer so the issue will still persist even after you uninstall and reinstall the file.
What I would recommend doing is
1) Unsintall MATLAB again
2) After uninstalling, go to your windows search bar and type "%programdata"
3) Remove the MATLAB folder if it is there
4) Again, go to the windows search bar and type "%appdata%"
5) Remove the MATLAB folder if it is there
If it still doesn't work, watch this video to see how to completely remove any remnants of MATLAB from your computer but I think the steps I outlined above should do the trick
BA on 20 Sep 2022
And as I mentioned above, when you uninstall MATLAB, the settings you had earlier remain. Nothing changes unless you completely remove the remaining files on your computer.
If you follow the steps above, you'll get a brand new and clean copy of MATLAB instead of carrying over your previous settings.
Fatmaelzahraa Ahmed Elgamal
Hope to follow these steps, but the first step in your answer can't be completed when trying to perform it.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 20 Sep 2022
Your fastest route to success is undoubtedly to do what it says in the FAQ:
By the way, why not just try the latest version R2022b? Why are you trying to install an old version?
Fatmaelzahraa Ahmed Elgamal
Thanks for your reply. Actually tried to call them, but porbably it is only free inside USA, isn't it?
And, I wrote the answer regarding the version in my comment above. Probebly you didn't notice it :).
Thank you for answering me. If there is any other way to solve this problem rather than, probebly reinstalling my windows version, would deeply appreciate that.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 24 Sep 2022
Yes, I know that you wrote your version -- the old 2021b version. I searched in my browser and the only place where the current 2022b version is mentioned is in my answer, so I don't think I didn't notice it. That's why I suggested downloading the latest 2022b version rather than the old 2021b version.
Installation help is truly free everywhere in the world, not just the USA. They have local numbers all over the world. When you "tried to call them", what happened? What number did you call, the USA main number or a number in your country? Did they just say "get lost"? Exactly what does "try" mean in this siutation?
Reinstalling takes just 20-30 minute, far less time than you trying to solve it through this Answers forum so I'm wondering why you don't just try that? In half an hour you could either (1) be using MATLAB or (2) still hoping for some way to fix it without reinstalling. What status do you want to be in? Did you uninstall it through the control panel and then delete the c:\program Files\matlab folder, and then reinstall?

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