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terrible performance on simulink 3d animation ?

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timo on 28 Feb 2015
Commented: GOKSAN ISIL on 7 Jun 2016
Hello I have a core i7 with GPU:
Version: '4.4.0 NVIDIA 344.65'
Vendor: 'NVIDIA Corporation'
Renderer: 'GeForce GTX 770M/PCIe/SSE2'
MaxTextureSize: 16384
Visual: 'Visual 0x07, (RGBA 32 bits (8 8 8 8), Z depth 24 bits, Hardware acceleration, Double buffer, Antialias 8...'
Software: 'false'
SupportsGraphicsSmoothing: 1
SupportsDepthPeelTransparency: 1
SupportsAlignVertexCenters: 1
Extensions: {297x1 cell}
MaxFrameBufferSize: 16384
When i try to run the example from Simulink 3d animation Rotating Membrane with MATLAB® GUI i get 1-2 fps and my computer hangs :(
Ps: 20%of the examples of the toolbox run fine and 80% have 1 -2 fps speed :(
Do you have any idea what is going on ?
Ps: i tried latest nvidia driver and no help
Ps2: i have : MATLAB Version: (R2014b) Operating System: Microsoft Windows 8.1 Version 6.3 (Build 9600) Java Version: Java 1.7.0_11-b21 with Oracle Corporation Java HotSpot™ 64-Bit Server VM mixed mode

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timo on 13 Mar 2015
Its a driver issue. I switched to a version from beginning of 2014 and it works fine

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Jan Houska
Jan Houska on 12 Mar 2015
Edited: Jan Houska on 12 Mar 2015
First, it is important to find out whether the graphics driver is the cause of the problem. To do this, please type the following immediately after starting MATLAB:
opengl software
opengl info
You should no more see the NVIDIA driver, but a software Microsoft driver instead. If, after switching to software driver, the performance improves, you have several options. First, you can of course stay with the software driver. Then, because your machine is apparently a dual-graphics one, you can try to switch to the built-in Intel graphics. This can be done in NVIDIA control panel and can be usually set per application - i.e., you should be able to switch to Intel graphics for MATLAB only. Finally, you can try to do something about the NVIDIA driver - either upgrade to a newer version when it is available, or try to change its settings to improve performance. Please search for tips how to do this, I cannot be of much help here.
Of the possibilities mentioned above, I'd probably choose to switch to built-in Intel graphics if possible.
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GOKSAN ISIL on 7 Jun 2016
Switching to software driver does the job, especially if you had no troubles before but received a kernel error at some time.

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timo on 1 Apr 2016
I am happy to say that this is fixes in 2016a , and the GPU speed is great on NVIDA GTX 770m


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