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Integration of constants - having 1 variable

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Hi guys, I want to implement this integral in Matlab and I have some dificulties
The known parameters are: h0, K2_prime, e, T and K3. How do I evaluate this integral?
basically ZWD=10^-3*(K2_prime*.....e/T^2) * Integral from h0 to Inf..
This integral is part of a function, and the parameters are given in the input of that function.


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John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 25 Feb 2015
So you have the integral of a constant (well, a sum of known, non-zero constants) from some number h0, to infinity.
Calc 101: What do I remember about the integral of a constant over an infinite interval...
I'm not sure where you got this from, but inf is the only result that makes sense.
Can I suggest you need to think about whether those numbers are truly constants, or if the limits are as you have stated them?


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John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 25 Feb 2015
I think the first issue is, you assume those numbers are known constants. Are they ALL constant all the way from the surface of the Earth, out to infinity?
h is distance above the Earth apparently, and is the parameter you want to integrate over. T is temperature (in degrees K.) Now I would guess that temperature varies, but I've never been in space, so I can't be sure. :)
The fact is, I know nothing about the context of that model, nor of the jargon used in that reference. The one thing I am confident about is that those numbers are not all constant if that integral is to have any meaning at all. I would find someone who has done some work in this field, and not waste your time asking a question like this of random people who happen to understand MATLAB.

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