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Matlab function (fsparse) from github produces an error- why?

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In order to use this function, I also downloaded the "Fast" package from:
I needed this package because it contains "fsparse" which is used by the top99neo.m code. I added the package to my directory. But, everytime I call top99neo(300,100,0.5,3,8.75,3,'N',0.5,2,0.2,500), I get the following error:
Error using fsparse (line 145)
.MEX-file not found on path.
I checked the fsparse.m file and it's all commented out except for "error('.MEX-file not found on path.');". So, I'm confused-- where is the actual fsparse function that top99neo is calling? and why is it not working for me if I added the entire Fast package to my working directory? Thanks!

Answers (1)

Kartik on 21 Feb 2023
Hi Rachel,
From the error message, it seems like the MEX files have not been created yet on your current path. You can try the following steps:
  1. Put “Fast” as your current folder.
  2. Run the “startup.m” script.
  3. Use the “make” command in the MATLAB command window.
MEX files shouldbe created by following the above-mentioned steps.


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