Tapped delay with Number of delays parameter of datatype "Single"

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I am trying to create a moving average filter and for that using a "Vector Concatenate" block together with a "Tapped Delay" block.
Simulink is only allowing to have the "Number of Delays" argument as double and nothing else !!
Is there a way to circumvent this limitation ?

Accepted Answer

Andy Bartlett
Andy Bartlett on 6 Sep 2022
Edited: Andy Bartlett on 6 Sep 2022
I believe the block currently requires that the MATLAB code entered in the edit box for parameter
"Number of delays"
to evaluate to a double.
So if the text entered in the parameters edit field was
and myParamNumberOfTaps evalated to single or any non-double type then the error
"In block xyz, the data type for number of delays must be double"
would be thrown.
The not so friendly solution to avoiding the limitation is to change the text in the parameter edit field to.
I've entered an enhancement request to make the block friendlier with regard to support of parameter data types.

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