Export images and PDF in App Designer

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Iacopo on 2 Sep 2022
Answered: Kevin Holly on 2 Sep 2022
Dear all,
I am using the function exportgraphics to export .png images in App Designer. I didn't find the other options available in MATLAB working in App Designer.
It looks like the exported figures have a low resolution, is there any chance to enhance it? and to change the figures' size?
Last question, I need to export the figures in PDF format as well to create an automated report for data analysis. I used the exportgraphic function to export a series of figures in a PDF file, but what if I want to put text between them? Is there a way to do it?
Thanks in advance for your help!

Answers (1)

Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly on 2 Sep 2022
If you have the image displayed on an axes, you can do the following:
If you want to make a report, I recommend looking into Report Generator. You can genrate a PDF report with text and images.
PS: I'm looking into your other question now.


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