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Open, Edit and Save Excel file with MATLAB

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I want following thing to be done with the help of MATLAB:-
1) Open an Excel file 2) Fill some data in Excel file cells 3) Save that file.
Again I need it through MATLAB.
Kindly help me out.

Accepted Answer

Julia on 18 Feb 2015
I did it like this:
1. Write data into the excel file (OutputTest) with xlswrite (it starts in cell F1 in Excel):
2. Edit the data. Therefore open the excel application (I think you can also use this technique to write your data if you do not want to use xlswrite):
filename=[pwd '\OutputTest.xls'];
eF=eW.Open(filename); % open OutputTest.xls
% edit sheet
eF.Close; % close the file
e.Quit; % close Excel entirely
Suraj Srivastava
Suraj Srivastava on 20 Feb 2015
Thank you Julia,
I have achieved this task, by implementing macro in excel file.
Again thank you so much.
Shashank Rayaprolu
Shashank Rayaprolu on 20 Oct 2017
Hi, May I know how you did that??
1. I want my MATLAB code to open an excel.
2. then I want to manuall fill the excel sheet.
3. I want MATLAB to read that excel and then do other operations.

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