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IR Thermal Mapping FLIR Camera

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ELF892 on 18 Feb 2015
Answered: laurent jalabert on 27 Feb 2023
I am looking to use an intensity image acquired using a FLIR camera and their image capture software and essentially create a thermal image where I can identify the temperature at a specific temperature. I know that the camera is calibrated for temperature because it can take accurate spot temperature measurements, but I'm trying to make the acquired intensity image and convert it to a temperature scale. I'm pretty new to image processing so any help would be greatly appreciated! Also, the image is saved as .tiff format that has the original intensity values. For some reason using imshow(image) shows no data but adjusting the contrast with imadjust(image) produces a viewable image (but changes the pixel values...) just an observation.
nan zhang
nan zhang on 20 Jun 2020
Dear senior, I take the liberty to disturb you.I would like to ask you whether this problem has been solved and if so, can you share the solution?thank you
KALYAN ACHARJYA on 21 Jun 2020
Edited: KALYAN ACHARJYA on 21 Jun 2020
Honestly, I have no idea in this context, are you looking for convert an intensity image to temperature distribution map, right? Please see the idea of ​​image acquisition in normal cameras and thermal imaging devices, you may get some clues.

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Answers (1)

laurent jalabert
laurent jalabert on 27 Feb 2023
an IR camera is measuring a flux, and mainly the emissivity. But emissivity depends on the materials in your image, so without a calibration for each material, you cannot know the temperature !


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