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Jessica Yorzinski
Jessica Yorzinski on 22 Aug 2022
Commented: Jessica Yorzinski on 25 Aug 2022
I want to pre-load images before displaying them later. In order to do so, I need to save them with different names. Here is the code to loop through the folder of images:
for i=1:50
But, I'd like the images to be saved as a variable string (e.g., "ImageID_1", "ImageID_2", etc.) but it is instead saving the image as "NewName"
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Stephen23 on 22 Aug 2022
"I'd like the images to be saved as a variable string (e.g., "ImageID_1", "ImageID_2", etc.)"
And force yourself into writing slow, complex, inefficent code that you would need to access those variable names:
The simple, efficient, recommended solution is to use indexing into one array (e.g. a cell array), just as the documentation shows:

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Accepted Answer

Voss on 22 Aug 2022
Instead of 50 different variables named ImageID_1, ImageID_2, etc., how about one variable (a cell array) that contains all 50 images?
n_images = numel(imageNames);
Images = cell(1,n_images);
for ii = 1:n_images
Images{ii} = imread(imageNames{ii});
Then you can access any image by indexing into Images. For example, to get the 10th image:
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Jessica Yorzinski
Jessica Yorzinski on 25 Aug 2022
This worked-- thanks!

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