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Hi folks,
I have the following code but am getting an error when trying to run it! I think it is due to the custom function I have defined but not certain how to get around this.
Below is my code:
i = 1000;
x = im2gray(imread([path, num2str(i), '.png']));
bw1 = edge(x, 'Sobel');
bw2 = edge(x, 'Prewitt');
bw3 = edge(x, 'Roberts');
bw4 = edge(x, 'log');
bw5 = edge(x, 'zerocross');
bw6 = edge(x, 'Canny');
bw7 = edge(x, 'approxcanny');
t = myMask(bw1);
subplot(3, 3, 1);imshow(bw1);title('Sobel');
subplot(3, 3, 2);imshow(bw2);title('Prewitt');
subplot(3, 3, 3);imshow(bw3);title('Roberts');
subplot(3, 3, 4);imshow(bw4);title('log');
subplot(3, 3, 5);imshow(bw5);title('zerocross');
subplot(3, 3, 6);imshow(bw6);title('Canny');
subplot(3, 3, 8);imshow(bw7);title('approxcanny');
function test = myMask(bw)
bw = bwareaopen(bw, 500);
bw = imfill(bw, 'holes');
bw = bwperim(bw);
bw = imdilate(bw, ones(5));
bw = imerode(bw, ones(3));
bw = imfill(bw, 'holes');
and the error I get it:
Output argument "test" (and maybe others) not assigned during call to "edge detection test>myMask".
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Stephen23 on 22 Aug 2022
Change the output argument to "bw":
function bw = myMask(bw)
% ^^

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Accepted Answer

rumin diao
rumin diao on 22 Aug 2022
you defined the function by using 'test = myMask(bw)' which means the function will returns a variable 'test', but in it, you didnt define'test' and there isnt a statement about returning 'test'.
so what you actually need to return is 'bw' and define the function by 'bw = myMask(bw)'

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