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Can I Activate audiorecorder or recordblocking by Sound Level?

Asked by David Koenig on 14 Feb 2015
Latest activity Commented on by Geoff Hayes
on 14 Feb 2015
I am trying to use audiorecorder and recordblocking for tuning a piano and I would like to start collecting when I strike a key. I presently have a script that requires that I press Enter to start the recording. This is inconvenient. Is there a way to start the recording process based on sound level? Thanks.

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David - it sounds like you want to start the audio recorder immediately and ignore/discard any data that is below a certain threshold and then start collecting (for tuning) as soon as it exceeds a certain threshold. This may mean that you would need to do the FFT on all recorded data and then move to the "tuning phase" when desired.

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