for-next loop parameter gets printed out

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Curious behavior. I have a matlab code with lots of for-next loops. One in particular that starts with
for I = J:LL
for some reason resulted in the LL value being printed out unexpectedly. None of my other for-next loops
did this. When I changed the statement to read
for I = J:LL;
i.e., I added a semicolorn to the end, LL was NOT printed out. This is worrisome because I'm not sure something
else has gone wrong. How does one track down what causes this behavior?
Ken Bannister
Ken Bannister on 21 Aug 2022
Moved: Voss on 21 Aug 2022
Thank you. File attached.

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Accepted Answer

dpb on 21 Aug 2022
Edited: dpb on 21 Aug 2022
You've got a malformed for expression, the comma serves to make a second line of code on the same source line; the value of ll is echo'ed to the screen as asked for by this syntax.
for l = 1,ll
is syntactically the same as
for l = 1
You undoubtedly intended to write
for l=1:ll
So, indeed, something else did go wrong besides; the loop only executed once instead of ll times since were no colon operators to set either step nor upper bound.
And, in this case the typo is also not a syntax error nor can the parser presume you didn't have some reason for only executing the loop once.
dpb on 22 Aug 2022
Your test code before ran here with the correction noted; I don't know what answers should be, of course, but it ran to completion with the fix for the loop construct alone. There are a couple of warnings on suggested better syntax, but none that are of computational significance.
As for the conversion, I've not looked at the code much at all, but unless there were a huge amount of it and/or I didn't really know what it was trying to do, my first inclination would be to not do 1:1 translation but rewrite a MATLAB solution using MATLAB syntax and idioms instead of Fortran's.
The unfortunate decision by TMW to not support anything except Intel for mex is a real kick in the private parts that is, frankly, :just plain rude!" to long-term users but there seems to be no leverage to be able to use to get them to change course. Supporting the fortran compiler with gcc would be a major help and seems like should be essentially trivial to add to the existing support, or to simply just open up the interface and document the libraries and linking to let use any compiler. I fail to grasp the logic behind their current position. Anyways, as of now it appears that using Intel compiler is the only practical choice for going the mex route and they (Intel) have now also closed off that option except for "the high-priced spread" route.
It's an impasse, indeed...

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