Where did my "save" icon go?

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Ken Bannister
Ken Bannister on 19 Aug 2022
Commented: Ken Bannister on 20 Aug 2022
I was working on a MATLAB routine which I had saved a few times as I updated it.
Now, for some reason, I am in a state where my "save" icon seems to have disappeared.
I am fearful of just axing the contents of the editor window and losing all the latest updates I have
done. How do I recover from this? Image attached showing the current state.

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 19 Aug 2022
Moved: Voss on 19 Aug 2022
Click on the Editor tab at the top?
Ken Bannister
Ken Bannister on 20 Aug 2022
OK, got it! Thanks for the assist.

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