Does 5120x1440(DQHD) resolution monitor supported for the Unreal Engine in the Vehicle Dynamics Blockset?

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Hi I'm planning to make driving simulator using Vehicle dynamics blockset.
I was just wandering whether the 5120x1440(DQHD) resolution monitor is supported to run the Unreal Engine in the simulink.
Anyone tried this resoultion?
Thank you in advance :)

Answers (1)

Debraj Maji
Debraj Maji on 26 Oct 2023
I can see that you are trying to create a driving simulator using the Vehicle Dynamics Blockset and Unreal Engine.
As per the documentation of Vehicle Dynamics Blockset, if your system is satisfying the minimum required specifications, you can supposedly run the simulation at the required resolution. Also, Unreal engine can run at any resolution provided there is enough GPU compute available for rendering.
For more information on the system requirements, you can refer to the following MATLAB documentation: Unreal Engine Simulation Environment Requirements and Limitations.




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