Is it possible to create a simscape block with three nodes?

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Hello everyone, I am trying to implement a water filtration treatment unit with one flow going in (a:feed flow) and two flows going out (b:permeate and c:retentate flow).
How should the Branches section look like?
So far I tried:
q_feed: a.q -> *;
q_permeate: * -> b.q;
q_retentate: * -> c.q;
Personally, I do not think that this declaration is right, since I get an error concerning 'transient initialization, solving for consistent states and modes, failed to converge'.
Thank you for your help. Joel
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Steven on 9 Feb 2017
From what I understand * means ground or zero, so basically you are saying you want all those flows to be with respect to zero. Maybe this might work
q_permeate = a.q -> b.q;
q_retentate = a.q -> c.q;
that just tells the compiler what ports flow to what, then in the equations section you could put
a.q = b.q - c.q;
or whatever, I'm putting this as a comment because I'm not sure if its right

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