Visual 3D coordinate map interactive data Toolbar Settings in APP Design

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Problem background: When making the GUI of APP DesignD, MATLAB version 2022A was used and MATLAB Runtime 9.12 was used;
I want the box to select a batch of points in PLOT3 drawing for analysis, so the brush light data as shown in the following figure is used, but this option is only available in debug mode;
BUT!However, when using the EXE file alone, this option is not available, even if the axtoolbarbtn function is used:
tb = axtoolbar(,{'zoomin','zoomout','rotate','restoreview','pan','datacursor','brush','export'});
It doesn't come out, it can't mark a cursor point, and the CurrentPoint can only pick a non-mark point;
SO,Is there any boss know how to brush light data display or in the graph interaction to obtain a batch of points

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Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly on 12 Aug 2022
Unfortunately, brush is not supported in compiled apps.

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