Power Supply current output for data analysis

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Sudarshan on 10 Aug 2022
Answered: Anshuman on 1 Sep 2023
We have many power supplies that have been running for the past 15 years. I have access to the power supply output current readback and the setpoint data for the last 15 years. What kind of MATLAB/Simulink toolbox is best suited for me to import this data, conduct data analysis, and find trends like power supply failure over time, etc.? Can the model predictive control toolbox be used for this kind of data?

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Anshuman on 1 Sep 2023
Hi Sudarshan,
You can start by importing the power supply data into MATLAB. Depending on the format of the data, you can use functions like 'readtable' or 'csvread' to read the data into MATLAB's workspace.
Once the data is imported, you can use various statistical and data analysis functions to explore the data and identify trends. For example, you can use functions like 'mean', 'std', and 'quantile' to calculate summary statistics, 'corrcoef' to calculate correlations between variables, and 'boxplot' or 'histogram' to visualize the distribution of the data.
To detect trends and potential failures over time, you can use time series analysis techniques available in the Signal Processing Toolbox. Functions like 'detrend', 'smoothdata', and 'filter' can help remove trends or noise from the data, making it easier to identify underlying patterns.
Additionally, MATLAB's Machine Learning Toolbox can be utilized if you want to explore more advanced techniques, such as predictive modeling or anomaly detection, to identify potential power supply failures based on historical data.
Hope it helps!


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