How do I keep my code and my variable editor in view at the same time

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Is there a way for me to open the variable editor in a "partiton" (what i mean by this is just a small section of matlab GUI) instead of having it take up the entire matlab screen? I want to see my code and command window but have the variable editor just off to the side. It this possible?

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Rik on 8 Aug 2022
You can drag the menu bar around. You should see a blue outline showing you the result. I often use the variable viewer and editor at half the width of the command window, so I know for a fact it is possible.

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 8 Aug 2022
If you're using App Designer, then sadly no. App Designer and MATLAB each have their own separate IDE. I've been compaining for years about this. It's a real pain to have to thrash between IDEs to see the code or the variable editor window. If and until they "fix" App Designer to let it also "see" the workspace panel and command window panel (and hopefully current window panel) then you're stuck looking at two different IDEs. If you're using a two monitor set up, you could put the MATLAB IDE on one monitor and the Code View window of the App Designer IDE on the other monitor. That's the only workaround I know of. With a single monitor, there is not really enough room to have both IDEs on the single screen at the same time so you'll have to switch between them.




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