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Cellular neural network training

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sali on 11 Feb 2015
Commented: Anh Duong on 2 Jun 2021
I have two sets of data, the first set is three 3x3 matrices: diagonal and the other two are diagonal-like by means one of the elements in the diagonal is not one.
The second set is three 3x3 matrices of cross and cross-like.
My question is I want the CNN's output to be +1 when I apply any matrices from set1 and -1 for any matrix from set 2,so how can I start to learn the CNN? Shall I apply only the first set and fix the templates or I should apply both sets to the CNN? and if so how can the CNN know during the programming which the desired output is?
Also I want to train the network using Matlab but I didn't use the simulink before, can I just program it? or I must use simulink? what do you advice me? and in case I want to program everything can I use object oriented programming to code and simulate the cells simultaneously?
thank you
sali on 24 May 2021
Yes I already trained it in Matlab and Simulink
Anh Duong
Anh Duong on 2 Jun 2021
Currently, I have to trained it for my research, However I havent got a result. Can you help me ? Send me the your code and program? Thanks you so much!
My email is:

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