How to simplify code with multiple variable names?

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For example, a code like this:
ma1 = trapz(ea1(r1:ir1),ty(r1:ir1));
ma2 = trapz(ea2(r2:ir2),ty(r2:ir2));
ma3 = trapz(ea3(r3:ir3),ty(r3:ir3));
ma4 = trapz(ea4(r4:ir4),ty(r4:ir4));
ma5 = trapz(ea5(r5:ir5),ty(r5:ir5));
But, if I have even more variables, then is there a shortcut or simpler method to syntax them?
Stephen23 on 5 Aug 2022
"How to simplify code with multiple variable names?"
By using arrays rather than multiple variable names.

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Accepted Answer

Jon on 5 Aug 2022
You can use arrays to hold your data. So one approach would be to use arrays:
ma - n by 1
ea - k by n
r - n by 1
ir n by 1
then you could loop through the values
n = 5;
ma = zeros(n,1);
for i = 1:n
ma(i) = trapz(ea(r(i):ir(i),i),ty(r(i):ir(i)));
dpb on 6 Aug 2022
NB: that trapz is internally vectorized to operate by columns -- if you can arrange your subsections appropriately, you may well be able to take advantage of that -- why I asked about the details...

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