without writing any data, I want to create blank excel file.

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Initially, I want to create new excel file in a desired location.
Later I will copy some of the sheets from Existing Excel i.e., 'oldExcel to 'newExcel'
excelFile1 = strcat(aaa,'.xlsx'); --------->here I am expecting to create New Blank Excel file (strcat is just written, no meaning)
excelName1 = fullfile(newPath,excelFile1); -----> newPath is already been defined in code
excel = actxserver('Excel.Application');
Workbooks = excel.Workbooks;
wbsource = Workbooks.Open(excelName); ----->excelName will be oldExcel
wbdest = Workbooks.Open(excelName1);
ws = wbsource.Worksheets.Item(newidx); ----->newidx will be having sheet name
ws.Copy(wdest.Worksheets.Item(1)); ----> trying to copy worksheet one after another... suggest here as well
Thank you

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 3 Aug 2022
T = table ; % create empty table
fname = 'test.xlsx' ; % here you can give path as well
writetable(T,fname) ; % create a excel file with empty table
% LEts add sheets
for i = 1:5
% make your table to write
x = rand(3,1) ; y = rand(3,1) ;
T = table(x,y) ;
% now write table into sheets

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