video acquisition with Basler GigE camera acA640

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kapil bhardwaj
kapil bhardwaj on 10 Feb 2015
Commented: Kazim Hanbay on 29 Apr 2015
Hi, am using a Basler acA640-100gm camera. I am getting video, when i am accessing the camera from basler supplier software, but with MatLab, i'a not able to access the video. it give me black screen and even nothing is mention below the the screen like resolution of the camera.
when i create a object and get the property out with "get" command, it gives me full information about the camera properties. but if i try to check the connected camera with "gigecamlist" command. it throws back the error (Undefined function or variable 'gigecamlist').
I tried all the methods mentioned on the MatLab website. please help
Thanks in advance KB
Kazim Hanbay
Kazim Hanbay on 29 Apr 2015
Hi kapil; I had a similar problem. You must set up the matlab basler support package.

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Answers (1)

Abdoo on 1 Apr 2015
HI .... did you solved you problem ??? i got same thing

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