How to call matlab class method from simulink

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I want to use functions/methods from matlab class in Simulink simulation. matlab Function Block contains:
function y = fcn(u)
y = dsp.calc_val(u);
dsp is an instance of class t_dsp, method calc_val is defined and can be called from matlab workspace,
classdef t_dsp < handle
methods(Access = public)
function out = calc_val(obj, x)
out = obj.some_value + x * 2;
but Simulink produces this error message:
Undefined function or variable 'dsp.calc_val'
Class instance is not visible from the matlab Function Block. I don't want to go for 'MATLAB System' class, I want to re-use already existing matlab class. How it can be done?

Accepted Answer

Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 3 Aug 2022
function y = fcn(u)
dsp = t_dsp;
y = dsp.calc_val(u);

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