Import a trained CNN from tensorflow into MATLAB

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Hi, I am currently trying to import a trained CNN built in tensorflow into a workflow involving Matlab. The importTensorFlowNetwork function in Matlab, does not however allow importing a subclassed model.
I am looking for suggestions to solve this problem. I am thinking of creating a C executable that could later be imported in Matlab, but other efficient suggestions are also welcome. :)

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David Willingham
David Willingham on 29 Jul 2022
Hi Vasu,
Models trained in TensorFlow using subclass API are currently not supported using the importTensorFlowNetwork function.
Is this model that you are trying to import one you have trained yourself or is it one from a paper?
David Willingham
David Willingham on 4 Aug 2022
Given models that use the subclass API aren't currently supported by importTensorFlowNetwork, another option would be to try co-execution, which is where you have MATLAB call the model directly from TensorFlow. Here is an example of how to execute this: Image Classification in MATLAB Using TensorFlow.
Is this an option you could pursue?

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