Sum structures with an array 1x1 each one

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Kami on 26 Jul 2022
Commented: Kami on 28 Jul 2022
Hi, i amtrying to sum an structure but manually wil be considerable large
Q.O20 = 1
Q.B3 = 2
Q0h = Q.B3 + Q.O20;
It is quite easy with few structures but i have a problem, as this structure depending on the experiment can be up to 35 variables
There is anyway to sum all Q values from the structure? I have tried this but won't get the values
Q0h = sum(Q.Variables)
Q0h = sum(Q,'all')

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 26 Jul 2022
Q.O20 = 1;
Q.B3 = 2 ;
Q0h = Q.B3 + Q.O20
Q0h = 3
s = sum(cell2mat(struct2cell(Q)))
s = 3

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