How to convert quantized signal to binary signal in Simulink?

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Hello community,
I am working on one of the wireless project in which i want to transmit my analog signal. So, I have first converted this analog signal into quantized signal using ZOH and Quantizer blocks. Now I want to convert this quantized signal to binary signal (0's and 1's). How to perform this conversion process ?
Thank You in advance.

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GandaBerunda on 19 Jul 2022
Edited: GandaBerunda on 19 Jul 2022
Hi Nikita,
One way which comes to the top of my head is to use a Matlab function block. Within this block, you can run a function for encoding the sampled and quantised signal into binary signal. Another way would be to use the uniform encoder block, as can be seen in this link(Simulink-Implementation-of-PCM-system.png (476×326) (
Hope it helps.

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