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Creating copy of column in table

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BA on 18 Jul 2022
Commented: BA on 18 Jul 2022
So far, I've tried to do it with addvars, but I'm having troubles with addvars. I have attached my code and the associated dataset that I'm working on. It keeps telling me "Unrecognized function or variable 'General_Prompt_SurveyStartedDate'." but I've checked 5 times and the variable name matches exactly what I have in the table.
exampledataset = addvars(exampledataset, General_Prompt_SurveyStartedDate, 'Before', 'General_Prompt_SurveyStartedTime');
I'm not sure why its doing it but if someone can take a look, that would be great.

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 18 Jul 2022
There is no General_Prompt_SurveyStartedDate variable. There is a COLUMN/FIELD of a table called that but that is different than being its own variable.
Try this:
fileName = 'exampledataset.xlsx'
exampledataset = readtable(fileName)
newColumnValues = exampledataset.General_Prompt_SurveyStartedDate; % Extract one column.
newColumnName = 'CopiedDate' % Give it a new name - whatever you want.
exampledataset = addvars(exampledataset, newColumnValues, 'Before', 'General_Prompt_SurveyStartedTime', 'NewVariableNames', newColumnName);

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