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Anastasis on 18 Jul 2022
Commented: Anastasis on 20 Jul 2022
I want to use this database but I have some issues and I need help. The database is this:
I want to use this database for making an algorithm to detect the apnea from eeg signal. But I cannot find a way to open the .st files using MATLAB. I have tried using wfdb toolbox using rdann() function, but I cannot understand the information that gives me. How can I know in which part of the eeg signal I have each annotation? If I import the .st file in MATLAB, it shows me the information I want, but I don’t have in which sample or time I have each annotation so I can recognize this part in .dat file and plot it. Can you please tell me how to open properly .st file, so I can know when I have apnea(in which part of the eeg signal) or not?
Thanks in advance

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Anastasis on 18 Jul 2022
Hi Christopher, Thank you very much! Currently I am trying to locate differences between 2 situations(apnea and healthy condition) and then with ml techniques new data can be classified according to their condition. I used MIT database from the beginning,so if you know how to help me with MIT database,that would be extremely helpful. Otherwise,I am going to use the database you suggested.But if you know how to open st files help me.
Anastasis on 20 Jul 2022
Hi Christopher,
Thank you very much for your reply.I used 2 different ways to find the information i want.The first one is what you have done.The second is using Lightwave.Lightwave is an online tool for that database and appears both signals and annotations.So i got all the information i wanted.Thanks again

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Christopher McCausland
Christopher McCausland on 18 Jul 2022
Hi Anastasis,
Can I ask what you are working on, I am researching a very similar topic and its always good to chat!
In terms of opening this data, being totally honest I would suggest you switch to this database (below). Its far bigger which you'll need if you want to do ML/DL, more genralised and in an easy format for matlab.
Kind regards,


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