How to upload an array of double in postgreSQL?

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I have a table in which different columns contain different types of data. I want to upload the table to postgreSQL database. I am having trouble with uploading the columns where datatype is cell. If I convert them to string or double(cell2mat) it's still not working. Here is my code:
datasource = 'live_database';
conn = database(datasource,'postgres','1234');
loadfile = load("Outputs1to70974.mat");
data = loadfile.allOutputs; = string(; %1
data.subjectid = string(data.subjectid); %2
data.trialname = string(data.trialname); %3 = string(; %4
data.logical_out = string(data.logical_out); %5
data.run_time = cell2mat(data.run_time); %6
data.reaction_time = cell2mat(data.reaction_time); %7
data.average_position = cell2mat(data.average_position); %8
data.position_when_offered = cell2mat(data.position_when_offered); %9
tablename = "toytable";
The sqlwrite documentation says numeric array type should is valid to upload on database, but seems like it's not working for me. How should I troubleshoot?

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